Fresh Squeezed

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Best Lemonade starts with the Hostess who makes it.

Kitchenaid – Artisan Stand Mix can help you with juicing your hand picked lemons for your backyard tree.
You will need to purchase the Kitchenaid Citrus Juicer Attachment to begin juicing you lemons.
Watch the Video below to see how the Kitchenaid juicer works!
It’s Fast and Easy to make your own lemon juice
for all your Summer Fun!

Fresh Squeezed

When Life gives you Lemons then make Lemonade

Begin with picking your lemons from the tree wearing
Couture Aprons – Limoncello Apron

The Secret Ingredient is Apron!

Deep Pockets a line the front of this apron for your tools and for quick grabbed lemons

Limoncello Apron designed to pick lemons from your backyard tree easily. We believe at Couture Aprons looking beautiful is your right to be creative.


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